What is web-dessign?

I Want to learn about web-dessign.How difficult is?

That all depends on how deep you want to go with web design.

You can build simple pages with a simple text editor (Notepad) that are nothing more than saying “hello world” but as you get into doing more, you start adding CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, etc and it becomes more complicated.

This is a good place to get help, and if you want deep help, there are a lot of experts here that offer wonderful help.

If you are just beginning, I would suggest you start by working through some of the online tutorials such as on the W3School site http://www.w3schools.com/ and then you will see what you have trouble with and can ask here for explanations.

I wouldn’t really endorse the accuracy of w3schools content they have a lot of wonky stuff in there but as a rough guide they might be fine. Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content and usually involves studying HTML and CSS at the bare minimum.

You can learn the basics in a matter of hours but generally it takes around 3-years of experience to become really good.

You’ve come to the right place.

The SitePoint web site publishes many books about that topic, including [url=“http://www.sitepoint.com/books/html2/”]Build Your Own
Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 2nd Edition

That’s a funny question, Madalinutzu. A lot of people talk about “Web Design” as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and all of the other languages, etc. I for one believe “Web Design” is exactly that - Designing Web pages. Whereas writing the HTML, CSS, JavaScript code for the Website to function is more Development.

Web Design itself is a topic that encompasses many different sub-topics. In answer to your question, if you want to become a professional Web Designer then no it’s not hard but it will take you a fairly substantial amount of time to become a professional. You may find this hard though if you need to start designing Websites for money as soon as possible though.

If your definition of “Web Design” is learning how to code and write Web pages then it depends on how you find learning other languages and syntaxes. I wouldn’t recommend W3Schools.com anymore. A fantastic guide (in my opinion) on learning how to write Web pages can be found on SitePoint at Ian Lloyd’s - Learn HTML and CSS: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide article. It’s a fairly large article but it’s an excerpt from his book.

Goodluck on learning Web Design if you choose to! You know where to go for help :).

Andrew Cooper

I have to agree with everyone else, what exactly do you want to produce, it depends on the complexity of the project as to what you need to know, what skill level you need to have and how long it will take you to complete. There’s plenty of resources, books and materials out there to assist you (which is a good thing). Hopefully you’ll find something which fit’s your needs, if you give us details we can help you further with your questions. :slight_smile:

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Web design can encompass so many things depending on who you are talking to.

Start with the one that is fundamental to everything - HTML, Proper clean xhtml.

Then move onto CSS and Photoshop(or fireworks).

Well isnt web design front end stuff like HTML, CSS,JS,PHOTOSHOP FLASH ETC?, and web development is php,mysql,asp.net etc?.

Design is how it looks. Development is what it does.

These two bleed across each other, but with the understand of what is design and what is development, it is possible to determine which one is more appropriate, as well as where it doesn’t exactly fit.

Is the “3-column holy grail” design or development? I call development on that one, even though large parts of css is about design.

Design is such a cruddy word. To some people it refers to art, colour, layout. To others it refers to how something was put together and how people interact with it.

Well isnt web design front end stuff like HTML, CSS,JS,PHOTOSHOP FLASH ETC?, and web development is php,mysql,asp.net etc?.

Easier to say the first things are front-end: the client (visitor) sees them and interacts directly with them. The other things are back-end: they run the front-end and have indirect contact with the client (via the front-end). Both can have “design” but with different meanings. Even “development” is hard… it suggests code, but further is ambiguous.

But generally speaking what i wrote is correct no? PHP/mysql/asp.net etc etc is back end stuff, and front end is html/css/JS etc. I know the lines can get blurred between both but this is generally how it is right?

You’re correct when you say HTML, CSS and JS are Front-End Web Development languages and PHP & MySQL, Django & Python and ASP.NET & ADO.NET are Back-End Web Development languages. At least, that’s what I know it as. If I’m wrong, can someone correct me please?

Andrew Cooper

I believe so. Even though you can haz server-side JS, and who knows, I’ve heard someone wanted to do stuff like Ruby in the browser and (good lord) bring Java back (remember Java applets? I don’t).

As far as website designing is concerned,first of all you need to design the Mock-up through Adobe Photoshop,then you need to do the HTML coding.You can add special effects to the webpage using Adobe Flash or Javascript.Next comes the development of the website,you can use Php with MySQL database,Dreamweaver and .Net etc To make a website a dynamic one you can use CMS(Content Management System) which will enable you to add,edit and delete the content of the site.

you’re welcome

i thinkhv to use dreamviewer or front page software for learning web designing with the help of these software u can easily make your website , have no need to generate coding for your website.