It's only for web designer. Help me friends

Hello I am nolan and I want to learn about web design but I am zero knowledge about web design at corporate level but I have sound know in tools like dreamweaver or photoshop but I am confusion about how I start my race in web design.

and which knowledge is necessaries for rich web design like script, html and more…
and If it ready-made code is available for making attractive website on internet (script or any other code ) then please suggested me website link.

and also told me what is the difficult part in web design. and how?

Nolan Brick

Hey Nolan - There are many resources, classes, books and other ways to get started in web design. For starters, you learn the basics of HTML, how to create headlines, lists, form elements, etc. From here you can learn CSS and Javascript. is very good. If you want to get started quickly, you can build or modify WordPress templates, which is a quick way to create professional sites.

Hi Nolan,

Welcome to the forum.

An approach to learning is to pick a subject that you know, maybe tennis and set yourself a target. The idea being that you can concentrate on learning the new task.

Once you have the experience then trying templates, plugin, etc should be a lot easier. If on the off-chance you encounter problems I know a friendly forum :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

Some people in business who don’t know anything about creating web sites are using Weebly at Try that and see if it works for you.

I think you should learn from enternet and you can see many sites like w3school or you can see this site to get more knowledge about it.