NO FOLLOW Backlinks worth anything?


Are ‘no follow’ backlinks worth getting?

I know no follow means that a Google Crawler should not follow the link. But say you have a website that has 200 no follow links and 2 follow links are you saying it will not rank?


means that a Google Crawler will not follow the link

So, no, it will have no effect on ranking. It may of course give you more visitors but will have diddly squat effect on ranking.

No follow links can have some value in that they may bring visitors to your site (which at the end of the day is your aim). But they will have no affect at all of your search engine ranking.

Whether or not a page ranks for a given search term depends primarily on the content of the page and its relevance to the query, not on the number of links to it. Another major factor will be the number and quality of other sites competing for the same search term. Number (and quality) of back links is only one of many factors influencing SERPs (and as others have said, no follow links will have no effect).

Please take time to watch the Google videos on how search works which I’ve linked to in previous topics of yours. You still seem to be confused on the subject.

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If a nofollow link can give you quality traffic, then it worth a lot. However the search engine will not take the link into consideration but indirectly it will also be helpful to get good serp ranking, because the search engine also consider the number of visitors as the effective factor at SERP.

[quote=“enpriya, post:5, topic:243508, full:true”] indirectly it will also be helpful to get good serp ranking, because the search engine also consider the number of visitors as the effective factor at SERP.

Would you care to explain how you think search engines can possibly know how much traffic a site is getting, beyond that which comes via their own search results?

Isn’t this link juice thing a little bit too old to worry about and overrated(it’s history)? There are so many other factors, because google thinks further up. I think if these 2 links are from a directory business listing site that no-one ever visits, maybe some “different” SEO-guys(also gets Alexa ranking up), there is really no effect to your site, ever, even if the SEO guys are pumping oil there.

So get some no-follow links from places where real audience of your site is, or sites that normal people visit.

But if you are competing with many companies who have millions to rank up in search engines, your 2 follow links don’t matter. Better try different way… no-one will see you in 200 position(many international online services these days). But if you aim is for local business you need a bit different approach…2 links from you competitors should be worth it… many factors you need to consider…about link building…

What do you mean by quality traffic? Traffic is traffic.

No follow backlink means, the backlink can drive traffic to your website but they doesnt pass the link juicy. Therefore, the use of no follow backlink is really depending upon the website type.

A traffic which relates to your business, is quality traffic for you. Like If am selling pizza online and i have a nofollow link at a website which have discussion over food products then these visitors are quality traffic for me.

I think, These years the search engine means Google Search and Browser Mean Google Chrome. Most of the visitors are using google chrome, For sure Google is using chrome to improve the search quality by tracking the website traffic and user behavior. A website will be rank better if have good traffic even with few backlinks. May be google also have other methods.

I found a number of times that when traffic increase at website(Even if it’s a direct traffic) the SERP impressions will also be increases

Nofollow backlinks good work, try to make them only trust sites
most very reputable sites give nofollow link, it does not matter what link it is important how often do you get a link from one site, looking for sites on which to publish your content

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Chrome may be the most popular browser, but there are an awful lot of people not using it. According to this page, its desktop browser share was just under 55% in October 2016, which is not the same as “most visitors”.

However, be that as it may, while Google certainly does collect information to improve its browser, as do other browser makers, it does not notify Google of sites you are visiting.

– If you’re just surfing around the web and clicking on links, that information does not go to

Google has stated elsewhere that it does not use Analytics data in search results, either.

I think you’re mistaking cause and effect here. There are various reasons why both traffic and SERPs would increase, but there is not necessarily a direct connection (although improved SERPs will hopefully result in increased traffic).

Ok, so you mean to say that if website traffic increase(Direct or Referral Traffic) then the serp ranking will not be effected by that, because the google have no way to detect that the particular website is getting good traffic.

Google will know what links are on its result pages.
And although I don’t know for certain, I’m fairly sure it keeps track of which links on its result pages are clicked and uses that as one of the very many “signals”.

Google also knows what links are in other pages, but it has no way of knowing how often they’re clicked.

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Yes. As @Mittineague says, Google very likely keeps track of which links are clicked in its search results, to help refine its algorithm, but that is all.

I’m sure it does, as this must be where the stats you see in the “Search Analytics” section of Search Console come from. If and how they use this data themselves, I just don’t know.

I too am sure it tracks the clicks. My uncertainty is whether or not it uses clicks as a “signal” for adjusting position.

eg. If for everyone that searches for “a certain search phrase” never clicks on and 30% go to page 2 , does Google replace the link from page 1 with a link from page 2 and move to page 2?

My guess is it does, but I don’t know.

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As far as I know. Those links which bring you traffic are very useful. Both do and no follow links are important. As this is a natural way to build backlinks.