What is the difference between poster design and banner design?

There are so many so options for advertising. I also need some banner or poster to promote my business. Now, what can I do? Should I go for a poster or banner design to grow my business?

Hi alanwest welcome to the forum

I assume you’re talking web and not something physical.

What about “skyscrapers” and “hero images” too? Aren’t the differences primarily in shape and size?

IMHO there’s a lot more to consider than just shape and size. As making decisions about those would be based on where you’re using them and how well they “fit in” with the overall page design so that they’re noticeable but not overwhelming…

I think more importance should be given to what the “banner” (whatever you choose to call it). “looks” like. i.e. colors, shapes, all that artsy stuff I’m not that good at and usually don’t consciously notice unless it’s bad.


Yeah, you get the exact point of banner ad design . I also see some google suggestions too. Here is some other company which existing around the we. I do agree with your others technique too. Thanks

I would go more full page advertising such as pop ads, interstitial and lightbox ads. Banner blindness is very strong today and you need something that will capture the users eye.

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