How can create a banner?

Recently i am going to make website. so i have need a banner. so anyone can help me that how can i get/ create a good banner?

Could you explain what you mean by a banner?

Actually I wanna to say about Website Banner.

Yes, but you need to give more info. Like layout, appearance, functionality, purpose …

i Have not enough idea about this , though i have taken a designer for Banner design. But i have to need learn more about this.

But you need to give us some idea of what you are thinking of. I have no picture of what you want. Do you want a decorative image at the top of your site? What do you want in it? What dimensions do you want? Or is this some kind of dynamic ad banner?

Oh…!!! God . In this moment i have solve my problem. My friend send me Photoshop site design address. And i talk with them and they have said they will do perfectly. But you… My friend a lot of thanks for support me.