What is the demand of 3d animation thee days?

I am learning Autodesk maya. I want to get job by this in future and I will Take it as a job. My question is how much possibility have 3d animation Can I earn enough money with this for a good living?


Well 3D animation is the most sought form of animation type than 2D …3D animations are used widely in Digital Movie making,Advertisements,visual effects…3D animations can be created using the softwares Maya,3Ds Max… Obviously if your are an exponent in drawing 3D animation is the best option for you…

Demand for 3D animation has only been increasing over the last few years. With both the gaming and movie entertainment industries making heavy use of it, there’s not going to be a shortage of work. If you concentrate on being useful and having good solid workskills there’s no reason why it can’t be you making money from it.

Here in NZ one of the biggest growing industries in recent years has been in movie effects, thanks to some great work by Weta Workshop it is now a viable career path even here on the opposite side of the world from Hollywood.

One big area of demand for 3d is in architectural visualisation. Pretty much every new office block, housing estate and shopping centre need mockups from an early stage, and fly throughs.

Career in 3D animation is great. 3D animation is not only used in movies but also in games, logo and architecture field as well requires 3D animators. Number of Animation companies are offering jobs and Internships.