Alternatives to Flash authoring tool

Now that Flash is on its way out, anybody have any suggestions for a good alternative? Blender? ?? I’m a front-end developer type, so I’d prefer to draw pictures and make them move around rather than write a lot of code.

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I’ve ben looking for an answer to this forever. I actually am on the code side, but with some animation skills too, and after flash died, I was like, what else can I use to put keyframes and layers down, etc etc. I think there’s an opening for a market for this. Maybe check if Blender can output to… hell, what format would that even be now?

The HTML5 “canvas” element is where it would start, so maybe coders (such as myself) will get around to it. Again, it’s a clear opening for a business right now.

Great question, I’m following it…

Producing your own 2D animations using canvas is relatively straightforward and there are quite a few JavaScript libraries available for generating 3D canvas animations.

Yea, but if you look at her question, she’s saying she doesn’t want to code it:

I think what she means is something like Flash was in terms of making animations- like keyframes and a timeline, etc, etc. No code required…

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