Want to design in 3D

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I currently illustrate in Xara Xtreme Pro. I often need to illustrate people in various poses, doing different things. Unfortunately, I need to do a search for photos that may be close. Then I try to draw from these. The problem is, that I am at the mercy of what I can find…not necessarily what I need. These are my needs:

  1. Create poseable figures, male and female, young and old.
  2. Costumes or clothes? Work, athletic uniforms, professional (like suits)
  3. Place them into a scenes like an office or hammering a nail.
  4. Props like holding a phone or a tool.
  5. Then be able to bring them into Xara and or Photoshop to finish. However, I’m impressed with some of the abilities of the 3D modeling software capabilities.

Not sure where to start. I’ve played with DAZ 3D and Poser. I struggled with both. I’m assuming either would be the best choice. Beyond struggling with posing, I can’t find the clothes, props or scenes I need. If I need to make them myself, what do I need.

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I am not sure whether software will help you. It might be much more effective learning the fundamentals of drawing & sketching. Learning the techniques that enable you to replicate poses, expressions, emotions and the like.

As for software, there are some free tools around. I can’t tell you much about any of them because I draw my illustrations by hand.

This is the problem. Whichever 3D application you choose, character modeling comes with a (sometimes long and laborious) learning curve. You can often download/buy modeled characters, but you would still need to learn how to re-pose those characters and render them.

As an aside, the process flow you are suggesting sounds like way too much work. You would be doing two jobs instead of one! I think what kohoutek suggested regarding enhancing your drawing skills might be a better option. :slight_smile:

This is something I’ve tinkered with as well, and as hooperman said, the learning curve is steep. Just know that there is not a quick and easy solution to your query.

I use FormZ to create all my 3d illustrations, and I quickly learned that Poser and FormZ don’t get along that well together. However, after a bit of experimentation, I managed to be able to work with Poser models fairly well in 3ds Max. It’s not something I’m totally comfortable with yet, but I think that would be the best combination.

You could just pose characters with Poser, then import the image into Photoshop or Corel Painter and trace over it.

I suggest 3d studio max 3d graphics. is a powerful tool for this

I have used 3D studio max and was very happy with the results. Their are templates you can start off with and learn a little from trail and error. That was the best way that I learned how to do 3D logos for a few clients of mine.

I went down a similar route when I need poseable characters to recreate shooting incidents. I got Poser 6 but found that it had a very rudimentary skeleton and was very difficult to use, in terms of getting the joint and limb movement ranges right.
I eventually used it just to generate the solid body dxf and I imported that into Cinema 4D, where I implanted a 3rd party skeleton I bought from TurboSquid. All the trajectory lines and main rendering was then done in Cinema, which is a heck of a lot easier to use than Poser in my opinion.
Unfortunately my plain art abilities are really bad, in my case it is quicker to learn the 3D app than try to draw the stuff freehand.