What is the competion bar in googles find keywords really measuring?

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I’m looking to clarify my understanding of the the competition tool bar in the google adwords find keywords tool.

For example - In the above screen grab it says scissor lift has high competition. I think it means alot of ppc campaigners are using this phrase in their campaigns. Am i wrong?

Wordtracker used KEI a different metric all together this i understand,. I just want to be 100% sure what the competition toolbar means.

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I don’t know well about this, but I think that maybe SEO competition. Because I see some keywords have no ppc campaigners but still display as high competition.

See the ‘About this data section’ on the page

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Thanks quasitechnical, but I see some keywords have no advertiser but still have high competition, maybe there is something wrong. :slight_smile:

Well yes, you have thought accurately because the graphs can tell how in general the terms are being used by both advertisers as well as searchers. Usually, highly competitive terms which are used for hundreds or even thousands of times per month by shoppers as well as business managers would demand a bit more costly AdWords units than the lighter niches which are only targeted by a few major sites and blogs online.

Of course the data may not seem 100% accurate all the time because some sudden changes and shifts in market status online do occur from time to time and it is essential to manually check the costs of ads and monthly searches quota to be informed of the events.