What is the best way to get traffic to a Mens Jewelery website?


Can anyone tell me what is the best way to market mens jewelery website?

Am working on Youtube and Classified ads as of now but am not doing to well.

Please help.


Depending on whether your site is brand-focused or cost-focused, it may be beneficial to understand the buying behaviors of your target audience. It seems like the classifieds browser would be looking for a deal while the search engine user may be looking for a particular brand.

Might be worthwhile to get a social networking presence going - build a FB fanpage, tweet best deals of the day or newest hot items, etc.

You may add care2.com community. It’s a very good site to drive traffic.

In the long term, you may want to work on your SEO so that you can get free and massive traffic from search engines. In the short term, you may want to try looking for customers on twitter and facebook.

Are these jewelries your products or you’re just planning on becoming an affiliate for a jewelry brand or company? If you own this product then I think becoming an active member for several forum/community sites can help you get extra traffic and potential buyers too.

Try /snip and get the maximum visitors for your site. Not only visitors you would definitely get some conversions as well…

Whatever strategy you use it will take time. You should be writing articles based on keywords you want to rank for and posting them to article directories.

Also go to blogs and forums that are design related make some posts and get some links to your site.

If you want instant traffic then ppc or other paid advertising is going to be your best option.

There are two ways of doing internet marketing for any product. First one is paid in which you put your ads on different places. As you already tried classified so suggestion you can try search engine PPC. Second way is free but time consuming, which is doing SEO or SMO… cheers…

I think SEO is the best option for the niche. Men don’t usually talk about fashion. So it’s hard to find community for the niche. They will search Google for the brand. So I think SEO is the best option for the niche. PPC and banner ads will also bring traffic.

This is so true. It’s best to just compete using specific keyword terms than just manually creating profiles to communities and sell your products. When you have your keywords ready, google it and check your competitors backlinks. the guys on SEOMoves have really good backlink checker you can use for free.

Social profiles might help you bring more traffic to your business. Create a page in Facebook or Twitter. Invite many friends. Constantly update the contents of the page. And be very active by posting replies or commenting in related blogs.

You’d better Buy some keywords advertising, such as yahoo, bing or adwords.

Optimize the site under some keywords.When your site will be visible in organic searches it will have a lot of traffic but you have to choose those keywords that have traffic.

Go for social media specially Facebook… here it would easy to search existing groups and create new groups to promote your product.