What is the Best strategy to stay in SERP?

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Nowadays search engine Google is updating its algorithm every 4-6 months(minor changes). So, i have now one question and i hope you all are giving me right suggestion for it.

What is the best strategy or technique in SEO to stick with Google’s algorithm or in SERP?

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I think good content with updations and fair amount of backlink building would keep in high SERP.

you know back links are the most important aspect for your web’s life.
so keep building back links and some quality content article submission .


Bar “real” links form same subject sites, Penquin pretty much cancelled the uses of artificially created links. The influence of spammy links has been cut out by Panda before that.

The best strategy is to provide lots of high quality useful content on a regular basis. The last few bits of artificial seo that are essentially nothing more than tricks to deceive the search engines are likely to lose their influence sooner than later.

What do you mean by the Artificial SEO.

Regular blog update, Press release, article submission and social media all these techniques are important to stay in SERP.

Most forums are now pointing to active social media optimization to stay in the SERPS.

It is very interesting topic and very hard to understand as nobody really knows what can guarantee you to stay at the top of SERP. I think the key success is constant promotion via known SEO techniques, like using article directories, social media, etc.


Follow Google’s guidelines for webmasters, which haven’t changed in years. Stick to those and you should do better and better, because every update that Google release is a step closer to them perfecting their algorithm and eliminating sites that use bad practice to try to subvert it.

Those aren’t listed in Google’s good practice guide, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of them maintaining their value.[/font]

All techniques Used in SEO (Promoting and Advertising business Website ) Are Good . Now Important is What ,how to make use of them.
Not going to place Back-links from low Quality Sources and Don’t generate too Much Back-links Withing Short period of time . Everything is Looks Like a Natural Work in Building Back-links . Generate Quality , Relevant , Right Combination of Do-follow and No-follow Links .
Article Marketing , Directory Submission , Forum posting , Slide Sharing , Video Sharing , Blogging , Social Sharing are Good techniques .

If you are doing whit hat seo technique to get rank on first page and build a quality link on high pr website and do-follow website and finale get rank for your target keyword then you not loss your rank for a long time but seo is a continue process to get rank on search engine.


How important is updating old content to get good ranking in SERPs?

fresh and unique contents, regular updates especially on the home page along with proper onpage and offpage SEO can help you stay ahead in the Google SERP

And what about updating old content - does it matter and does it help? If you have a page high already in SERPs would you update it or rather not? And what if you try to get there?

You easily can add more new unique content to your site and delete an old from time to time.
More specific advices depends on niche.

Is deleting old content really good? Do you mean like deleting old articles? I guess Google does not like disappearing pages…

It is hard to always rank very high in SERP. But we can try to keep the sites not fall behind the top ten or top twenty. So more attention shall be paid to content when all the basic seo that need to do has done. Conten is always the key in seo. We cannot get expected result if there is low converation rate and high bounce rate of the site ranked high.

I think the best way is to constantly reading the latest SEO updates as well as following the maxims of panda algorithm.

As we all know content is king, so we have to more focus on quality content and quality back links.

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