What is the best option for this orphaned page in terms of SEO?

Hello everyone,

On my website www.agustipardo.es, I have linked my blog, which is built under another domain
www.fotov60.com. The person who built my website also created an empty page for the blog, but it is not linked to any page on my website; you can only access it directly from the URL www.agustipardo.es/blog. They filled in the SEO fields of RankmathSEO for that page, but since I’m not using it, it doesn’t serve me. What solution do you recommend for better SEO?

  • Should I create a 301 redirect from www.agustipardo.es/blog to www.fotov60.com? (What consequences will it have? Will it transfer the SEO work done to www.fotov60.com?)
  • Should I delete that “orphan” page?
  • Any other options?
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A 301 should be fine as it will simply tell search engines to update their result for that URL only. If you don’t use it, you can also just delete it and still redirect the URL. That is what people do for pages they delete all the time.

I wouldn’t suggest you go as far as disavowing it or anything. Just put in the redirect and let the search engines update their index on their own.

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Thanks for your response.

So, if I do a 301, the page won’t be indexed, leaving only www.fotov60.com? Until now, it hasn’t been indexed by Google, and I don’t know if having a URL like www.agustipardo.es that specifies it leads to a blog through a 301 would bring any benefit or if it would be as if it didn’t exist.
Would the SEO work from the first one cease to exist, and the SEO of the destination domain apply, or would that page also be indexed, adding its SEO to the destination’s?

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A 301 tells search engines that a page has permanently moved. So if it had indexed the previous URL, it will update its index with the new URL. If the page has never been indexed, you could simply delete it and search engines will never know.

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