What is the best approach?

Forgive me if it has been answered already or posted wrong forum.

If I have a website which already somehow established with one keyword and I want to rank with another related keyword – what is the best approach - build another website with more appropriate domain name or build on existing site using sub domain/pages?

Here an example – I have a website about USA maps (usamaps.com) and it ranks well with search engine with keyword USA map. Now I want to target a new keyword - New York Maps.
Should I expand existing site (usamaps.com) or use another appropriate domain (newyorkmap.com) to build new site targeting keyword New York map.

In SEO perspective, which is better approach?

You can do both things there is not the problem. But if you want only one site so you can start add a sub page in the site and start promotion with the new keyword.

If you have created a new page for new york maps, there is no need to create a new website. you can simply add the new keyword to your existing SEO strategy and promote your KW as much as you can. and if you have created a new page, you can promote that page and get healthy number of backlinks for that page too. :slight_smile:

Always expand because having a site with just 1 keyword is not going to get the traffic it needs or deserves.

Agree with every one. If you have a separate page for New York maps then, you can attach it as a inner page. Simply promote the keyword to get back links & traffic.


  Just you add "New York Maps" page to your site. Give one navigation page to New York Maps from your existing USA maps.Whenever user visits USA maps, let them come to know about your new map also. In this way, you can expect traffic for your new keyword.