Domain with keyword

Hi all.

I have a domian with the keyword that I am trying to target for my main site. EG

What is the best thing to do to get search traffic from that keyword to my other site? Is it best to make a splash page directing people to my main site? Or is it best to add that domain onto my main site?

Unless the domain name is exceptionally good, I would recommend that you focus your Efforts on your main site and don’t worry too much about Making a pass through page like this. If you work hard on your main site in time you should be able to optimize 4 these keywords without using the domain name for this purpose.

You should concentrate on your main site unless, u have a great keyword domain. Instead of optimize the
keyword based domain, u can optimize your main website, its the best way, i can suggest for you.

It depends on the objective of your website… If you are creating a website for monitization solely, you can go keyword rich domain name.

And, for a business website I would advise you to use business related domain name.

There are many ways to attract visitors from keyword.

  • One way is getting good organic listing for that keyword
  • Use your keyword (as anchor text) in forum posting and blog commenting
  • Use your keyword for backlinking.

From SEO point of view if your site domain use keyword then it will help to get good page rank and high page ranking for particular keyword.

With keyword in domain you finished 50% of SEO work for that keyword.

If you are getting huge traffic to your Keywordrich domain and want to take advantage of this for the other domain (Main Domain) then just put links or a banner to your main site. Also try to optimize (Onpage/Offpage) your main domain so that you get organic traffic.