What is the average salary of seo in India or Other?

Hello Friends,

This is the one of the question that I face in the Interview.

My experiences in this field About 2 years.

Anyone tell me what is the average salary for myself in India. For any suggestions you are welcome.

i tell you about a practical thing.one of my friend worked in a company as a seo magaer with 45,000 rs per month.and after 1 year experience he is working in delhi with 70,000 rs. per month.

Thats about $850 to $1300 usd per month

For seo , skill is the main thing. If you have more skill in seo field then your salary will be more. According to me the average salary for seo in india is 20k for 2years experience.

Hey I got 1 year experience so how much I should get salary for SEO…?

Sorry - this should have been closed much sooner - we don’t discuss pricing/salaries/etc. here in the forums.