How much salary should offer to PHP developer?


i want to hire 1 PHP programmer but i m not sure how much salary i should offer, if some php developer have 2 year exp how much salary we should give? please share with me your suggestions.

In the uk, I’d say an average salary would start around £25k a year, but can go up to £45k and possibly slightly higher depending on experience and context.

no no sorry i m talking about new delhi(india).

In kuwait php developers salary is ranging 500KD to 1500KD and its only basic, overtime and holiday pay is not included. Just convert it to your money in india.

In India, you could already get a Senior Software developer for 20,000 in US Dollars a year. It’s even cheaper when it is a junior developer.

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In India…reality is different…Hell of competition…no matter what mostly a developer is offered a CTC with a hike of min 30% from its previous CTC…Though It depends on the interview and the skills of employee…Sometimes the max hike can be more than 100%…

Considering php developer with very good skills and in a city like delhi, he should be getting atleast 10000 Us Dollars / Annum

You could look up detailed salary rates in India (by company, post, experience and city) at Hope that helps.