How much is the salary of your country's common web developer?

on big city of China, web designer’s salary is about 500-900USD,on small city,the salary is about 200-500USD,I just wondering the income of web developers in your country,is this career a high salary career in your country?:slight_smile:

Depends on the skills and expertise of the web developer.
Of course, if the staff is a fresh graduate and doesn’t have any experience at all, the least that we can offer is $500/month. Our Senior Programmers earn $895/month…

The results from the A List Apart survey 2008 might be helpful (2009 strangely never got published):

it is not bad,even I can’t get 300 USD/month,I don’t know why I always can’t get clients,if I ought to change my career,it is really hard to earn money on internet.:sick:

It is the same in all countries - never enough.

:lol: :rofl:

It really just depends on too many factors. Employers are evil and just want you to get paid peanuts.