What is the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet learning

main points of the internet learning

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That is a very general topic, @shvastav9188. Do you do any internet learning or other types of learning? What has been your experience with it? A bit more information might help to guide the discussion.


It sounds a bit like a topic for a school essay…

And as @WebMachine says, it really depends on what you have in mind when you say “learning”. Are you talking about academic subjects (or one in particular)? Or just general knowledge? Or practical skills?

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yes, please make your question clearer so that we will understand it correctly to answer you.


I’ll try to answer it the way I understand the question. For me the main benefit of Internet learning is shortening the distance between two sides. For instance the teacher (or generally the source of information) can be far away from the student (or however we choose to name the receiving side). Webinars are great example, we use them a lot.


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You get to learn about absolutely anything on the internet… no barriers…
disadvantage… the classroom experience is not just about learning stuff from books, its also about learning to live in a diverse environment… it is a whole other thing that one may never learn from books

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