What job search terms should you use if

you have HTML, CSS and some Javascript experience but you’re still lacking in PHP, AJAX, JQuery and general application development?

This is specifically for job search websites, for part-time summer employment. Also, the good news (about this industry) is that the non-outsourced jobs are still out there, but it depends on the location…and if you’re qualified (which, I’m not! :eek:)

“web content writer” ??

You’re not a “content writer” unless your job is to write – i.e. an English major with some marketing savvy?

HTML+CSS+JS = web designer around here, even if you’re not trained in design.

Mr. Grossman, when you mean here, do you mean Philly or Sitepoint.com Forums?

I did a little test run on a job website and so far I’ve seen:

AJAX/PHP/MySQL combinations more than anything else.

“Web content writer” is not an appropriate title, that implies you are simply writing content or copy, not coding for the web.

Generally speaking in the industry: A web designer (or front-end designer) is someone who codes HTML, CSS and JavaScript (those languages which depict the user-interface). A web developer (or back-end designer) are those whom code stuff like PHP and mySQL (server-side scripting). The problem with your search is going to be that most job applications on general “job sites” will be asking for the “master of none” style of professional, as in someone who is not only equipped with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but also PHP and mySQL (and everything else thrown in). If you want a job with just what you know, your choices are either to go freelance (self-employed) or to go to job sites explicitly for web professionals and hope you can find something which meets your level of skill. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information!

I’m not really interested in being a web content writer only, because I know the generalities of web designing (not web development using ajax/and so on).

To my original question, I am interested in search keywords I can use to some how find an entry-level web assisting type of role for web design…or web development.

To me the best scenario would be to work at a company or non-profit that allows me to assist the pros for a period of time while I continue to take classes at college in advanced programming, app development, or Flash programming.

Learning through job is nice however that’s a rare opportunity. I’d say internship through your college is your best bet.

Yea, you are probably better off going with an internship… though most of those aren’t paid positions (getting to work for the awesome professionals is the reward) :slight_smile: