What is link bait?

I am confused about link bait what is it and how to use it
need answer in detail with clear example answer will be appreciated

Link Bait is the term used to define links that point to the content on your website by other websites because they needed that content. To give an example :-

Site “ABCD” posted an article about “How search engines work” and site “WXYZ” wants to have that content on their site too. So, site “WXYZ” gives a link to site “ABCD” because they like the content. That is called link bait.

Creating good quality content so that you can bait other websites to link to your site and help you get more backlinks.

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http://www.sitepoint.com/link-baiting/ - there’s a relatively old SP article (2009) discussing the topic and defining it.

http://mashable.com/2013/07/12/linkbait-content-marketing/ - there’s an article from 2013 discussing the dangers of link baiting.

Both are pretty clear and succinct I think.

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So, A good quality content always bait to others. :smile: Its success in its name.

link bait means content designed to attract and encourage those viewing it and to create hyperlink to their site with the aim of increasing position of sites in results page provided by the search engine.

@mehwish You can take it as a method to grab the attention of other website or blogs. I use this technique many a times to build the reputation. Let’s take an example.

Just suppose I am writing a content on “How to search keywords”. Some other guy who is writing a related article on the same topic reads my article and find it relevant to his or her post, then they will link to my post. It is called link baiting.

Link bait is explained by other members here.
Now if you want to use it, there is one and only one rule, write killer content.

Link bait is nothing but a natural way of link building. Now it depends how you use it. There is always a right and a bad way to do all the things in this world. Link bait is no different.

All the members above have made it pretty much clear that what linkbait is.
You are now ready to go out and start writing content that will help you with link baiting.

A link on other websites that is pointing to your website – nothing more, nothing less.

That is a backlink.

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