What is Link Bait and Link Pyramid

What is Link Bait and Link Pyramid and what are there work in SEO?? Do they help in creating Backlings??

Sorry, but this is far too vague a question, as a simple search would have sufficed to answer the question. Please search (both the forums and via your favorite search engine), and if you’ve still got SPECIFIC questions, please feel free to repost.

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[font=verdana]Link bait is any text or content that you are using to encourage people to link to you (hence ‘bait’). It’s always telling how people refer to it … if they call it “link bait” then the chances are that it won’t be so great, and the person sees content as nothing more than a way to get people onto their website, probably to show them adverts … if they refer to it as “really good content” then that will have at least as much impact in terms of attracting links to the site but it suggests that the person has properly understood the role of content in a website and sees it as important for its own sake.

A link pyramid is just another form of link farm, where people are gullible enough to think they can outsmart The Mighty G. Just say no.[/font]