What is Gorilla marketing in SEO?

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what is gorilla marketing in seo ? and how it is useful as seo point of view.


I think you may mean, guerrilla. Found a good definition of guerrilla in Google. [google.com]

guerrilla: a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

Guerrilla marketing is the title of a book that offers suggestions on how to market something on the cheap. There are lots of eBooks that offer “secrets” on how to make money with no money. But the reality is that one needs to spend some money to get somewhere. It’s possible to get somewhere on the cheap though- but what you don’t burn in cash you will make up with time.


Gurilla Marketing - Is it completely maintained by guideline of SE? if yes then no problem If not then great problem.

i think this one comes under Black hat SEO.

i am sorry it’s Guerilla Marketing

First, it’s guerrilla, not gorilla … Second guerrilla marketing is the marketing campaign that makes use of time and energy more than simply spending money on advertisements, etc. In SEO, you can take viral marketing as an example.

never heard of that one… where did get it? i think you are talking about Guerilla Marketing…

Guerilla Marketing is a form of Viral Marketing. It needs more time and efforts to perform.

With a name like guerrilla, it sounds a bit seedy! The only other time I heard the term used, it was associated with “get rich quick” schemes that tried to cut corners.

How can you say its unconventional?

Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.

Can we use this type marketing in SEO??//


it’s unconventional because not every SEO uses it since some methods in guerilla marketing are considered black hat.

Yes, but use it at your own risk.

The terminology “Guerilla Marketing” was mentioned to me by a professional internet marketer a couple of years ago. This technique can be quite effective if you are selling services or products or marketing a certain website. It’s not that far from SEO, really. Only the marketing techniques differ.

Quite interesting. A new terminology in SEO. How effective is this ?

So that means doing it manually???

Is it legal or above board? Or is it black hat?

I think you’re talking about guerilla marketing. It’s a bit of both black hat and white hat. black hat in the sense that a guerilla marketer can fake a product review by giving it good ratings and white hat by doing it manually and not really using “spam”. Downside is, guerilla marketing takes a lot of time and work to do.

It has become a phrase that has taken on the meaning of mean non-traditional, low-cost, highly effective marketing effort.