What is better ASP.Net or Php?

Plz tell me with detail what is better for web developing asp.net or php

It depends…

  1. on who you talk to (hint: asking in the PHP category might skew the results some)
  2. on the market you are looking to work in
  3. on your background and skillset
  4. on the requirements of the job. There are somethings that each do better than the other.

This question is like asking

  1. What’s better? Peanut butter or jelly?
  2. What’s better? Soccer/Football or American Football?
  3. What’s better? Steak or Lobster?

You’ll not get definitive answers on this because there are too many factors which sway opinions.


Their has be always conflit when it’s come to choosing between ASP.net and PHP for web development.
If you ask the programmer they will again bury them self in confusion as they are unsure which more comfortable to work and which offers more in future.

If you need open source platform then use PHP other wise use .NET.

That is no longer true. .NET Core is open source too and can also run on Linux in a Docker container.

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I would suggest to use PHP as its an open source software and tools (PHP,MYSQL, etc) are available without any cost.

Can’t you get the free version of MS Visual Studio any more? Visual Studio Community appears to offer ASP.NET development, and that seems to be a free download.

Yes you can, and there is VS Code, which is 100% free too. Plus you can integrate with MySQL or whatever database you choose using .NET technologies, so the whole argument of PHP is free along with all of the components you typically utilize is nonsense anymore.

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