So I’ve creating a social network in php/mysql and I’ve just come across this thing called ASP.NET and I’m wondering if I should use it or not? I have no clue what ASP.NET but I do know you can build websites onto its framework. Should I continue building my site the way I am or utilize ASP.NET? What are the benefits and disadvantages of using ASP.NET?

Is this a trick question? I can tell you for sure that Asp.Net is not a php framework but a totally different technology.

Oh I didn’t know that I’ll just continue with what I have thanks!

ASP.NET is total different from php. The development tool Visual Studio has complete GUI. So you can easily develop your website. It contains many inbuilt functions. It is a total different experience.

php and are totally different in terms of concept and coding style. if you think you are comfortable in learning then you better use this. but it more powerful flexable and you will work lot quicker in this language.

this is really difficult to take a side from PHP and ASP.Net because the different angle will show different advantage and disadvantage over the comparison. I personally went through an article which helps me a lot ragarding this issue. I am sharing the article link here which may help you some way


Just another blogpost trying hard to disguise PHP bias and lack of knowledge of Windows and ASP.NET. “Based on my research and online stats (i.e. from my friends in the LAMP community)”.

Cue weasel words such as “clunky” being used. He even does a poor job of hiding his bias.

Yeah, what the turd doesn’t say is, what job opportunities are out their for the platforms and the range of salary between the two… .NET owns LAMP on both of those counts.