What is a good theme for wordpress site?

What is a good theme for wordpress site? I need a good theme for my wordpress site. Please help me. Thanks!

There are many free themes on the wordpress site. It is a pretty safe bet that high rated themes work well. A theme depends on what the goal of your site is. If you want a text blog, find one that looks like it works with your content. The best thing about wordpress themes is that if you don’t like the one you have, you can simply switch to a different one.

A joshua says, there are lots of good themes out there (payed and free), but it all depends on what your site is about. So you’ll have to give some more info if you want to get useful answers.

I have a text blog. I want to a free nice theme for my text blog (wordpress site).

I think all WP themes are capable of showing a text blog. If you don’t need any particular functionality, just search for free worpress themes and choose the one you like the most. You might want to look for things like responsive if you want your blog to look good on mobile devices too.

Thanks guido2004 bro! Thank you for your very very nice info. Thank you so much.

i will suggest you to pick a theme which should be unique… either it is free or paid because same theme is used on many domains which create duplicate problem.
whenever you download theme please check its number of download. It will be better if you use newly created themes.

A theme depends on what the goal of your site is.

Well, there are so many free themes that may get you confused as to which one you will choose. But, you have to choose the one that best describes the topic of your blog :slight_smile: Do not choose flowers for tips on how to buy gents shoes :)… Make relevant designs :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone. I liked a site’s theme. Site’s link <snip> Please give me this site’s theme. Thanks !

If you scroll down to the bottom of the site to which you linked, you will find the name of the theme and a link to the site from which you can obtain it.

Thanks TechnoBear !

Hi TechnoBear ! Please give me the download link of your favorite WordPress theme. Thanks.

Sorry - I don’t use Wordpress, so I don’t have a favourite theme. I do know that there are very many out there to choose from. Instead of asking other people for suggestions, why don’t you just do a search and have a look at some? See which one you like and which you think would best compliment the subject of your blog.

Hi TechnoBear! I am very happy for your best info. Thank you so much.