Best wordpress theme

which best theme does one suppose excellent for wordpress site?
Do you use it currently in your wordpress site?

I used to use different themes, now I have used one theme for the last 10 sites I built. Its the Striking theme from Themeforest. Its super flexible, lots of options, and tons of solid support!

Hard to just single out just one great theme. I usually go for premium themes and do some own personal customizations. I like the themes at theme forrest and yoothemes.

I go for the simple HTML5-based themes with no styling whatsoever.

The reason being that I have no idea how to make a WP theme from scratch, but I sure as hell know how to style one.

I think next time I have to do a WP site I’ll try to make my own theme.

The best theme to use is one that is unique to your site and which no other site is using - that way your site will look unique as well as having unique content.

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the latest default wordpress theme is good one to use. I have used evolution theme as well and it works great for me

There are many themes that I think are brilliant over at