What happens when I run out of content?

What happens when I run out of content? Am I going to loose page rank? I knew my website would be limited but its even more limited then I once thought. In 2 or 3 weeks tops I will be out of free content. And then I am going to move to cheap content and I suspect 1 or 2 months I will be out of cheap content. And then 1 to 2 years tops I will be out of content period!

My website covers 18 local cities and 5 of them don’t even have a library. When I originally started the website I thought every city had a library. Also there are only so many movie theaters, restaurants and the list goes on. If my forum doesn’t take off my website is going to be dead in the water once I run out of content. :frowning:

what does “run out of free content” mean?

why can’t you write?

Although you think you will “run out of content” I highly doubt this is the case.

You know that over time places will change, you will also not possibly be able to review all the locations in such a short period of time. Also, think out of the box more… What about adding sections for tourists, voucher codes, detailed guides etc.

There are hundreds of pages I can think of off the top of my head for the website, you just need to think into the mind of what local people or people visiting the are are likely to be looking for.

Why would you run out of content? Do you not have a creative mind?

Guys the problem is there are only so many movie theater’s, restaurants, parks, libraries, etc. Eventually I will have covered it all, if I don’t pace it I probably will blow thought it all in a year. After I cover everything the only thing I will have left is local events.

I do plan on covering tourist attractions but again its very limited not every city has a museum and other then museums there is nothing else. These cities are non tourist cities.

P.S. I don’t want to cover hotels because they cost too much money. Maybe if I can build the website up and get some free rooms then sure. But other then that I am not going to spend $80+ to review a single hotel.

i still don’t see how this means you’re going to run out of content

even if you can’t think of anything to say, what does “move to cheap content” mean?

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