Should I worry about eventually running out of content to post?

So I found a good niche, but I’m worried about starting a website and email list and eventually running out of content to post. Have any experienced marketers experienced this problem? How do you overcome it?? I know you can ask your users what they want and such, but I feel like eventually, you will still run out of content. Does that make it okay to recycle content sometimes, or do you eventually have to switch niches?

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It kind of depends on what kind of site you want doesn’t it?

For example, a blog about “My Y2K New Year’s Eve Party” is bound to run out of content to post. But it might be OK as a small static site.

Likewise, a site about “King Edward” would have more content but would be likely to have very little, if any, new content to post.

I think if having new content is important to the site there are two things to consider.

  • the subject of the site is evolving at a rate that provides opportunity for new content
  • the content author expects to have enough continued interest in the subject to post new content regularly.

If the site is a forum, once the community is established new content may be less of a concern, but the moderation workload may increase.


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As @Mittineague already indicated, is it totally depending on the subject. What you could try is to collaborate with people (influencers) who write about the same subject. Not only do you have more content at your disposal, but the chances are that their followers will start following you as well.

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perhaps the answer is once you have run out of content on that specific subject you look to expand into new related areas which hopefully will be on interest to the people who you’ve already brought along.

Using the example above if you had a site about ‘king Edward’ you could easily expand out to other kings and queens which is likely to be of interest to your existing audience anyway.

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I’m intrigued to know the purpose of your proposed site. Why do you want to create it? Worrying about running out of content to post seems a strange concern to me. I can understand it being an issue with a personal blog, perhaps, but your question doesn’t sound as if that’s what you have in mind.

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