What domain is better for google rankings

I am looking at a new domain, but I want it to appear in Both Google US and Google UK
what would be a better domain to get, if i go for .com, do they get a better or higher trust from Google, if i get a .co.uk, will it show up internationally?

Also another question relating to the same subject, i read it´s best to use keyword as the domain name, and separate each word with a hyphen - is that correct or does that have no bearing on SEO?

Thanks in advance.

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As far as “trust” goes, it makes no difference whether you use .com. .net. .co.uk or whatever. However, if you use a country-specific TLD, such as .co.uk, Google will assume you’re targeting that country. That doesn’t mean it won’t show up in international results, but if you’re targeting a global market, then .com would be a better choice.

Whether or not you use a keyword in your domain is up to you; companies like Amazon and Google seem to have managed very nicely without. The actual content of your pages if by far the most important factor in search engine rankings. If the content is poor, the choice of domain is unlikely to be of any help at all.

I would caution against using hyphens, from person experience. A community group I belong to decided some years ago to use a hyphenated name for ease of reading. Telling somebody the address - or, worse, the e-mail address - when it goes “admin at this hyphen that hyphen the hyphen other dot co dot uk” is a complete pain. Search engines don’t care. The only time I’d suggest using a hyphen would be if there are two possible readings of the names (famous example of expertsexchange) and you want to ensure it’s interpreted correctly, or where it might be hard to read because of multiple consecutive letters e.g. billlincoln.co.uk


thanks technobear, would it be better then if I bought .co.uk and .biz (.com is not available for my comp name), i really want to come up in the UK as my main audience, but also come up in the US serps as well.

It depends a bit on what your business is.

If, for example, you have a tourism-related site for a business based in the UK, so visitors from abroad will be searching by the UK location (e.g. hotels in [location], pony trekking in [location]) then the .co.uk domain will work just fine, no matter where the search originates.

You might find this Google article on International targeting helpful: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/62399?hl=en

There may be a drawback to using a .biz if the .com domain is already taken. Somebody trying to reach your site might remember the domain but not the extension, and end up at the .com instead. If it’s a very different type of business, it should be apparent that they’ve made a mistake and they’ll look again, but if it’s the same time of business, you could lose out. Just a point to think about.

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on a bad side, if I used a similar name to the comp with the .com, would i come up under their name in the rankings as well and get their traffic lol:smiling_imp:

If it’s a long-established site in the same business, you could run into problems with them by using a very similar domain name.

But if your site is as good as theirs, and you both appear in similar positions in search results, then it’s likely to be pot luck which one somebody clicks on. You’re unlikely to get any direct traffic from somebody typing .biz for the .com site; .com is by far the more common extension.

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i really appreciate the help and advice.

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Use the domain name related your business with country extension like(For Ireland .ie and for UK .uk ) .

@paulbrighton98: as already explained, using a country-specific domain tells search engines you are targeting that country. The OP is looking to target both the UK and the US.

SEO is the best domain to increase the google ranking.

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I’m sorry, but what does that statement even mean, could you offer further explanation?

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Hmm, perhaps have a UK site and a US site?

You may go with .com domain. Because it will be better for global ranking, And target UK in your sitemap. That’s it and you will be ranked in UK and USA both, Even you will be ranked globally.

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