Selecting the best domain

I am designing a new website for a client in the UK with a UK customer base, and who currently has two websites which they want to combine into one. One of their sites is on a and the other a .com.

Normally as their customer base is in the UK, I’d advise using the domain name as their main site and setting up redirects from the .com domain name. However, the isn’t ranking at all at the moment whereas the .com is. Should I abandon my usual advice and set the .com as the main site domain?

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.com domain is the best. It’s acceptable to have an a .com domain.

Perhaps you would care to explain why??? A comment like that is unhelpful in the least unless it is backed up with a reason.

.com looks more promising and professional and the .com domain is a more popular domain globally. is fine if you are not looking to expand your business outside the UK.

A .com domain is widely recognized and used globally. It is not tied to any particular country or region, and your UK client can reach a worldwide audience with a .com domain. This can be advantageous if they are looking to grow an international presence or are targeting a global market.

On the other hand, using domain can signal visitors that the business is based in the UK and can help to establish a local presence. This can be beneficial if your client wants to primarily operate in the UK and want to attract local customers rather than building a global presence.

However, it’s important to note that having a .com domain does not necessarily mean that a business cannot establish a local presence or vice versa. A business can use various strategies to signal its location or target audience, such as including location-specific keywords in its website content or using local SEO tactics. That is a separate thing altogether.

Ultimately, your choice between a .com domain and a domain will be based on your client’s specific needs and goals.