What does <pre> do and mean?


I have been looking at the box model at http://www.glish.com/css/7.asp

in his source code he has a tag <pre> what is this?

Preformatted text. :smiley:

Which means it will render it as you type it, very much like (in fact I believe identically to) the [code ] function on this site.

It defaults to a weird monospaced font if I recall correctly.

Where in usual html, anything other than one space is ignored by the browser, anything between the <pre></pre> tags is taken into account.

To illustrate, I am going to type the same thing twice.

I like onions!

Now in spite of the fact I just added ten spaces to the above, it looks normal. However, whack exactly the same thing in <pre></pre> tags:

I like          onions!

And magically it pays attention to my whitespace.

…that’s it really :wink:


For the record, I don’t really like onions…unless they’re incinerated in a fry up…

me too!..thanks