What do you think of Servage?

Hi all,

I have been using Servage for a couple of years and so far so good, without any major problems or downtime.

Anyone who is also using Servage ? What’s your opinion on Servage ?

So far, I’m happy with the services.

Last time i used to host with Exabytes. They are good but only problem is the space and bandwidth are kind of limited.

Thanks !


But it is dengerous at the same time as you are not sure if the company will be live tomorrow or next month.
Month to month is better solution in this situation.

Yes, that was the deal I got when I first joined them. When you renew the hosting, it’s back to 12 months of hosting…no more special deal for 14-15 months.

But overall, I am happy with their services.

Best part is, they will give me an additional 75 GB of space when I refer another new user to them. The new user will also get 75 GB of extra space…but only with a code. ( code for existing clients of Servage only )

Now, this is what I call as good deal…

Cheers !

It’s pretty much the same in my case. I like the prices offered on Servage. Their hosting service only costs $7.50 per month if you pay for 6 months. It’s cheaper when you choose a long-term payment of 14 to 19 months.