Help needed in Local SEO of UK

I have a site of UK. It’s all keywords have very low competition i.e, within 2 lakh. How to rank such keywords very fast in Google UK.

Plz refer me all the steps of OFF Page SEO to do for that. What will be the amount of OFF Page SEO works to do? Plz tell me the day to day works on it. Help me plz.

Submitting the site to local directories and the major directories, such as Yellow Pages…or registering your business on Google Maps.

2 lacs? is this the search volume or number of results? Do you have a country level domain

You can start with article marketing, and bookmarking and you will start seeing results quickly. Then move to advanced link building methods such as guest blogging, SMO (which is also a part of algorithm in ranking).

As you have to optimize the keywords to get visitors from so you have to work on seo strategy according to latest changes in algorithm of Google.

I would say building links on authority site would help today also don’t forget to post fresh and quality content regularly to your site as content is still king in SEO.

What you are asking is effectively: “give me a step by step instruction to get my site #1 on Google”. The obvious answer is: read up on the subject in books, magazines and forums, follow the advice, and come back with specific questions on where you get stuck.
But first of all: create a site with a lot of helpful information or nothing you can do will result in much.

There are many steps in SEO to promote websites on search engines like directory submission,profile submission,top commenting,article submission, bookmarking, forum posting and many more. You can optimize your website with the help of these steps.

There are various steps in promoting the website. Firstly you analysis of local SEO keyword for promotion of site, after that you do ON page and Off page of site.

As the OP hasn’t returned and the thread is getting repetitive and vague, I think it’s time to close it.