What could be causing double loading of start page?

Hi :),
I’m working on a project based on React.js and Node.js.
The problem is that the start page on production is loading two times. On localhost is working fine.
I checked on different browsers, only on Internet Explorer/ Edge is loading one time.
I tested the website with “disabled cache” and in incognito mode - the same result -is loading two times.
What else I saw it, it refreshes page before first GET request call.

Does anyone have such a problem?

Site doesnt appear to do it for me… in what way do you mean it’s loading twice?

Oh… that’s strange.
It seems like it renders two times.

Well the site you’re showing there isnt the same one you linked above.

It’s also possible that my connection is too quick to notice/render the refresh, if React is doing a get-and-replace…

Is the same source code, different theme. It occurs only when you go on that website for the first time, after refresh usually is working fine.

Choking down my connection speed seems to have done the trick… it appears to be something related to the header bar causing the page to be re-rendered.

Sounds like a JS code being executed more than once. Maybe you have a duplicate of the page load somewhere?

Not header, I checked it. It’s quite big project, and it’s hard to guess what is causing double render. It could be also backend.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Maybe, good point, thanks. :slight_smile:

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