What CMS to learn

Hi everyone, I want to learn a CMS that has the following traits

  • preferably open source (or at least free)
  • mature enough (at least version 2 or so)
  • good documentation
  • nice coded using OOP (and dare I say TDD) :shifty:

I’ve used Wordpress (I’ve created themes and plugins) but I don’t consider it a real CMS and it fails at the nice coded, OOP part.

What CMS do you recommend me?

Check out MODx and [URL=“http://silverstripe.org/”]SilverStripe. Both beautiful. :slight_smile:

Thanks, they both look very interesting.

Hi, I’ve been using Elxis for a number of years. It’s a complete rewrite of Joomla with improved security. It has a great forum and extensions, and it is easy to use.