What can you recommend to improve adsense profit?

Hi, I’ve put Adsense on my site a year ago and it gives too low results. Maybe you can recommend something?
Check ad blocks: allowwonder.com

Take some initiatives to improve traffic for increasing click thru rates (CTR) on Adsense ads:

  1. Use a translator plugin (if possible) to dramatically improve audience size.
  2. Emphasis on On-page optimization with increasing readability
  3. Increase SMM with image sharing, Forum with link share, Guest-post marketing.
  4. Best to create Infographics pinning on Pinterest.

These actions might boost your Adsense profit if you could conduct the things continuously.

Thanks, I’ll take it into consideration. Appreciate your answer🙏

At first increase your seo traffic to get more high paying ads. Keywords are the main requirement to get high cpc ads in your blogs. So do keyword research and collect some high paying ads and earnings.

Then use link ads in your post content. Link ads providing high ctr in all niche blogs and websites.

Do proper ON Page SEO as well as OFF Page SEO for improve adsense profit.

you need to improve your seo and try to use ad network and see their results, i use popads and admaven

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