What are the maintenance services you offer to your clients


What could be consider the most common maintenance requirements for a website. In other word what would you consider a routine maintenance that could be done in a monthly bases?

What would you consider a maintenance service?

What are your maintenance services?

The reason for this question is because I have done a few sites and I don’t see where or how can I offer and charge for maintenance services after the site has been completed.

I know I know, its may be a $tu$%^& question but I just don’t see it, sorry!

Thanks a lot!

It depends on the site and the client. Some just get a site up and forget all about it for the most part. Others are continually wanting to add things like new pages (if you haven’t built a CMS that allows them to do this), or perhaps other features like galleries and other JavaScript features. And of course, there may be a need to refresh a design. If you have set up a CMS, there is more likelihood that you will be asked to tweak the functionality and extend it, as the client will be interacting with the site a lot more and thus experiencing new needs.

Just a thought, because a friend of mine got into strife with a few clients who obviously thought that you put up a site and the world descends on it to buy… always make sure your clients know that the site will need to be marketed. That they will need to drive traffic to it.
Maintenance? How about you put together details on, say, three levels of “maintenance”. Top level (top price) would be for someone who has no knowledge whatsoever of using websites and will need you to regularly update it. Mid level… someone who might need something doing monthly. Low level… twice a year updated. Once you’ve put those levels down on paper, there’s no misunderstanding about what they’re going to pay and what they get for their money!

Thank you for your comments!

i generally get new additions, with the CMS i use, clients can easily update text and images with very little experience, most work isnt really “maintenance” but additional add-ons.

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