Updating client websites with CMS (WP, Drupal..) on a regular basis

Hi everyone,

I know that updating websites built on CMS is important for security purposes. However, it can be time consuming if there are many websites to update and even more if some CMS updates require plugin updates (and in some cases, a plugin ceases to work after CMS update which potentially requires a time-consuming solution).

So I was thinking that it makes sense to charge the client for regular updates. There’s no reason why it should be free.

How do you guys deal with this aspect ?

We charge for it. Either for each update or just for the CMS core updates with a fixed monthly price.

HTH, jochen

It definitely makes sense to charge if it is taking significant amount of time to perform the tasks. Do communicate with your clients before charging them. In my experience of serving Malaysian clients, most of them will think that they can do the updates themselves but trust me, they will come back to you few months down the road, wanting you to do it for them and they are willing to pay you for it.