Website Maintance & Servicing Plans

I am trying to come up with some website mantaince plans for my freelancing business but i just curious what is the best way to do it wether have 2 or 3 differrent plans with different features and tasks?

if so how to i work out the starting price for it i found this on the internet

Here is a copy and paste

Website Maintenance (Support/Care) Plan
Features Bronze Silver Gold
Software core upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Software theme upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Software plugin upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Website backups w/ restore capability Yes Yes Yes
High performance security monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Content and / or product updates Yes Yes Yes
Database cleaning and optimisation Yes Yes Yes
Uptime Monitoring & Performance Scans Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Maintenance Report Yes Yes Yes
Bug and compatibility repair Yes Yes Yes
Priority Support Yes Yes Yes
No Long term contracts Yes Yes Yes
Website hosting No Yes Yes
Analytics monitoring & recommendations based on data No Yes Yes
Video Training Tutorials No Yes Yes
Scan and fix any broken links No Yes Yes
Monthly Marketing Consulting Call & Advice No No No
Monthly Investment $XX.00 $XXX.00 $XXX.00
Annual Payment (15% discount) $XXX.00 $XXXX.00 $XXXX.00

What somthing like that be all needed for someone starting out???

When you say starting out, do you mean starting out in web dev, or starting out in business? In other words, what’s your level of experience? A lot of the tasks you list above are not trivial and some (e.g. hosting) could have legal implications if things go south.

I’d shy away from fixed plans, rather personalize things from customer to customer (not everyone is going to need everything) and work out the price based on your hourly rate and time needed for each task.

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Starting out in web design business i mean i have a reseller account with a well known hosting company and to be honest i dont see much of different between those 3 plans maybe i could just come up with 2 different website maintance plans.

with my resseller account i have a hosting billing account system called whmcs to manage all my billing and make sure everything is paid on time im sure there will be some sort of part on my side if there is an issue.

since i am starting out i have said to most of my new clients im doing a promotion of 1 month free hosting from the point the website goes live. not sure if that is a good promotion or not but one customer seems happy with it since they did pay me for doing their website and way i see it they already paid $xxx for their website to be design and built.

I’m curious. If you’re just starting out, how do you envisage things such as high performance security monitoring, or database cleaning and optimisation panning out? Do you have any idea how to secure a web server or how to optimize a database?

I would also be cautious about offering clients stuff for free. For me, this creates the impression of being inexperienced and not really knowing what you are doing. Whilst I understand the need for you to build a portfolio, it’s your time you’re spending and you should bill for it.

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ok well i do not think those thigns would be needed as im on a reseller account but proabbly should learn to do some of those tasks as for running a webhosting account i have had some experience with working with vps servers using putty and installing cpanel and whmcs but im sure there is alot more i would need to learn.

Yes i have only offered one client free month of webhosting to go with his website as he prefered me to handle that instead of him. i do not have many clients atm i have serveral mostly family.

When you have all “No”, why even include it in the features list? One may need to consider the size of the website. Assuming that a website is several thousands of pages, it would take lot of resources to maintain. It may be a good idea to start with one plan, and provide others as optional items.

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