Alibaba Free Trial


Has anyone had success setting up the free trial? What recommendations would you make to others wanting to try it? Are there any pitfalls to avoid?


I guess - have your credit card ready, and be careful on which products you spend it, as the trial credit, I think, is capped for some products


The below are the products you will get as a part of the free trial,
Based on my experience, The below are some points to ponder:

  1. You need to activate your account with a credit card to get the free trial
  2. If due to some reason the trial is not activated, you can raise a support ticket ASAP to fix this.
  3. If you raise a support ticket to make sure you need to verify yourself for the first time using your Govt. ID proof & Credit Card before they answer you (Maybe to prevent spam).

I guess this might help. I will update if I think of anything more :+1:


That right there is a huge no-go for me. Why would I need to give you all this personal information for something I get for free? Outside of banks I’ve never had any company ask me for my ID or a copy of my credit card. :confounded:


That’s because it’s not a free trial. At least not by my definition of free trial. I would say the process is in reality signing up for an account, and getting free credits for certain products constrained by rather nebulous (cloudy? - pun intended - ) limits, which, once exceeded will result in charges to your account.


That’s good to know, because I don’t have a government ID card. frown I don’t think I would want to risk using a service where I can’t get support when required.

As to Credit Cards, do they also accept Debit cards?