What annoys you the MOST about this forum?

If you were me and you could change one thing about this forum, what would it be?

  1. I think sometimes mods are too quick to lock a topic to further replies.
  2. A link to the advanced search page should be located prominently somewhere near the top. I had to bookmark it.
  3. A link to our own recent posts so we can quickly check for replies to threads we posted in. I use the advanced search form and type in my username.

That’s available on the My SitePoint page. That’s my go-to page on this site. :slight_smile:

You can also view your latest posts via the link on your profile page, or by clicking your username in any post and choosing View Forum Posts.

You can also click your username top right on any page and click Find latest posts on the left.

Without wanting to sound defensive, there’s usually a good reason why we lock threads, and what you don’t always see is the amount of drivel that we have deleted. If you find a thread that you think has been closed prematurely, flag it for a moderator’s attention and we’ll explain why it was locked a/o consider unlocking it.

Another way to find replies to threads you have participated in is to use What’s New, and those threads are marked with a green spot.

You are right! That seems to have disappeared. I’ll get it back asap. :slight_smile:

Make posts count towards your total count in general discussion :smiley:

The Forums general structure is outdated.

I also would like to see the updated Forums structure. Javascript no longer ties only with jQuery, JS landscape changed drastically and both SPF and SP seem too miss the early start, like with RWD, or NoSQL, which is nowhere to be found. I myself tried PHP, Python, Ruby, FreePascal,Golang, Rust before decided that now it’s time to take JS more seriously.

Discourage users to treat SPF as an after-school place

Most quality users will be attracted by a forum that sits well into today. SPF seems a bit conservative and cozy right now. We need more in-depth quality posts about current trends and less “___ is not working, please do this so I don’t have to” for insanely simple issues that generate too much noise.

This should be discourage. Encourage posts one can enjoy reading and response, that are clarifying and challenging. I like helping people, but copy-paste effort is pretty pointless. Less of that will attract users that found an incentive to stay here for longer.

Discourage “badges” to sway matters they are less privy to than they think they are

New comers may actually be experienced people. The ability moderators have to impose their opinion on tech stuff based on their administrative position is hurting these users responses. What I mean is that a badge and a big post number may wrongly be looked at as actual experience and knowledge, no matter the topic. There are limits to be recognized and humility to be exercised by everyone, not “badges” alone.

I remember a couple of times when “badges” just group-cornered topics and prevented advancing technologies to be taken seriously. I can still remember how RWD was dismissed by the power of groups of mods only a couple of years back. And now, a little late, it’s all over SP. That’s unfortunate, and “badges” should exercise restrain.


Not around here, surely? I’ve not seen anyone dismissing RWD around here. [/ot]

Signatures. It doesn’t allow you to add sign before 90 days :open_mouth:

Certainly. Not now, folks seem to accept it.
But if you want. I can dig up old posts. Not that it’d take me any pleasure proving that.


And there’s a good reason for that :smiley:

I agree with cheesedude, often posts get locked imho prematurely, particularly when an older thread gets resurrected. It seems to me that when someone finds an older thread because of a google search and posts something relevant to the thread, just because it’s old doesn’t make the thread irrelevant. Why not let additional information about a question accumulate in one place rather than insisting on starting a new thread?

If old threads are resurrected with genuinely relevant and helpful/useful comments, we don’t touch them.

If the original poster has already received their answer, and a few months later, someone else posts a follow-up response that just repeats something that was said earlier, the thread is typically closed. There is typically little benefit to others for repeating what was already said in a thread that was already answered.

If threads start gathering fluff, spam, or other useless posts (which we delete and you typically don’t see), we close them, as Stevie mentioned. This is because the threads that are under spam attacks become too time consuming to monitor and the benefit to others for keeping them open tends to be minimal. Instead, it tends to be more productive (and fun) to focus our energy on newer and more active discussions.

If you wish to start a new discussion based on a closed thread, you can always reference it by including a link to it.

Lastly, there is also a minor bug on the forum where under certain cases the “lock” icon is mistakenly displayed on the thread lists. If a thread is actually locked, instead of a “reply to thread” button in the thread you would see “thread closed” button instead.

It does not allow us to provide the links in our posts…

Hmmm, the dull color of this forum is quite troubling my eyes. Plain but lack spices. Just my thought only

I guess this is a fair comment but we also build the structure around what people ask the most.

I agree about the quality posts and about the current trends. I also will agree that people nowdays go for the quick answer and never show up again.

Things have changed and we can’t go back in time even if we wished.

But I would not discourage newbies. We all started and learned first before becoming experts (well, I don’t consider an expert myself, to be honest) and I would hate to see a newbie being treated badly only because he doesn’t have that knowledge (yet)

We’re trying to figure out new ways of encouranging people to go deeper and share more, to enjoy the forum too and, yes, why not, to challenge them and to have more indepth discussions and any ideas that you may have about this will be welcome.

I may be blind to my own faults but I don’t think that we (and in this case I believe that I can speak in the name of other members of the staff) impose anything. We, as anyone else, have an opinion and debate and learn as any regular member. Some know lots, some members with no badge know even more.

We are aware that as a staff member you may be looked up as an authority so, in general, we’re quite careful to say what we are certain that’s true.

Of course, we do mistakes! And I do agree with you that we all have to be humble and realize that there’s someone out there that knows more than you do.

I assume that when you say RWD was dismissed, you mean that a specific forum about RWD was dismissed. Am I right?

If that’s the case, we normally “dismiss” the creation of a new forum because:

a) there are not enough number of questions about that topic to justify it

b) and/or there are not enough people to provide quality answers and that have deep knowledge about that topic among the staff and members (members that may become staff then)

c) The number of subforums would be too high to be maintained and therefore we need to choose

You can use as many links as you want. What you can’t do is to promote yourself :lol:

Self-promotion doesn’t help anyone (not even you because the value of any link will be deluted with the huge number of links per page that you can find a forum) and it is a call for spammers to post silly stuff just to get the link there (or even to expose the signature)

So you can’t link to your site… with a few exceptions: when it is really necessary (you’re asking for help and you can’t post the code or it would be too long to make it worth it) or when you’re asking for a review. If there’s a really good reason, then you can link to your site.

If the link is not necessary for the topic, then it is removed

That’s a prototypical sway display :wink: Talking about careful to say what you are certain it’s true. Anyway:

a) I didn’t want a RWD specific forum.

b) I meant mentors here were not quite taken with the RWD concept and they showed it by aggressively dismissing RWD as a concept.

Maybe. But sometimes prototypes works! :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean about this. Many of us are interested (if not passionate) about usability and accessibility and that means RWD since a site needs to usable and accessible in any screen.

Do you mean that our examples are not appropriate? That we go for fixed layouts and px measurements?

Not much. Prob just update your tapatalk software. Doesn’t work anymore. My tapatalk works on my forum so it must just need a update. Yours fails to refresh. Still looking at 50 day old topics.