Sigh... really hate these new forums

I’ve tried. I’ve really tried to like the new SitePoint forums, but I just can’t. Why couldn’t the forums just be regular forums, like phpBB or Simple Machines forums? The format here is just so contrary to how web forums are usually organized. Half the time, I pull up a post that looks like it’s recent, but no, it’s a week old. Why is it under “Latest?”

Just for example, why is it suggesting these topics for me?

I’m stumped. Those topics mean nothing to me. Plus look at the dates. September? October 2012? July 2010? Seriously? I’m supposed to reply to four-year-old posts? Come on…

Anyway, I know it’s hopeless. If I want forums like phpBB, I’ll have to go elsewhere. But I mourn the death of the old and much better SitePoint forums.


I second this one. I think this is a real issue that should be looked at.

When suggesting topics, it looks like Discourse/SitePoint will prioritize topics that you’re tracking and that have unread posts. Normally that could be a good thing. But far too often, that unread post is just “This topic is now closed.” So the unintended result is that suggested topics is often filled with recently closed topics.


Bear with it, it can only get better :smile:

It has been a tremendous task trying to include all the old data from the previous PhpBB forum to work satisfactorily using this bulletin board. Unfortunately, like all new software updates there are still teething problems to be fixed.

A workaround is to select Latest from the top-right Hamburger icon.

I know there are some improvements to the suggested topics coming but I’m not sure which release it is in.

We’ve been testing the latest release on our staging site for a bit now and have a few more styling issues to take care of.

There is a dismiss unread posts/topics button on the unread tab that you can use once you see only older topics listed which may help.


I’d much rather have this update than what is happening at Adobe forums (JIVE) or Raymond Camden’s blog (DISQUS). I really dislike those formats/flows.

It does take some getting used to, but the DISCOURSE format is a lot easier for me to use/navigate.



@cpradio Thanks for starting a discussion at meta.

There is no anonymous posting, but weigh-ins from others could help

IIRC the previous forum was vBulletin, not PHPBB3


One thing I should mention is the difference between Dismiss Posts and Dismiss Topics on the Unread tab.

Dismiss posts, will remove the notification next to the topic title on the unread tab, but if a new post is made to that topic (or it is closed/re-opened, whatever), it will pop back up in your unread tab again.

Dismiss Topics, differs in this regard, if you use this, it will tell Discourse to stop tracking those topics. Any changes to those topics here on out will be ignored. So you will not get notifications of any new posts, the closing/re-opening of those topics. It effectively mutes them.


I was wondering about that… thanks for the clarification!


[quote=“RobertSF, post:1, topic:108584”]Half the time, I pull up a post that looks like it’s recent, but no, it’s a week old. Why is it under “Latest?”

You’re looking for New, Latest is the last replied… which I find more relevant than New so I stay there a lot.

You might have some luck by changing your Profile Preference settings
(mine is “haven’t viewed yet” - but I’ve seen them “all” and I’m always here, so it works for me)

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I guess the only part I don’t really like is the visual appearance. I’m used to the vbulletin/phpBB look.

But I’m certainly not leaving these forum. All the people are great, the advice is very helpful, and they are a valuable fount of information! :smile:


I honestly didn’t at first either.

Now that I’m used to it any time I have to go back phpbb or vbulletin sites, it’s like looking at a GeoCities page or something. Very archaic and sterile.

That’s not to sat Discourse is without it’s flaws. It’s almost as bad as Flash when it comes to eating battery and CPU on mobile for instance. But it feels much more modern nonetheless.

I’ve been a part of several discourse forums, and I love the software. However I admit it takes some time to get used to.

The reason it’s suggesting posts is because you read the post, and now more people have posted on it. The number of unread posts is the little number next to the topic name.

To clear your unread, just open the all categoiries page, click “Latest” and then click “Dismiss posts”.

The best way to view new topics is to click “new”. This shows all new topics you haven’t read in the last 2 days (the time can be changed in your preferences)

Thank you everyone for your advice and input. I didn’t realize the forums were not home-grown but an Open Source project called “Discourse.” Mostly, it was the look and not the features that bugged me, but I’ll get used to it. I was used to this kind of look (snapshot grabbed at random from Google images):

Anyway, the one thing that hasn’t changed is how valuable these forums are. I appreciate that everyone who posts here makes them the valuable resource that they are.


Thanks for coming back to say this. It’s really nice to hear. Moving to Discourse was a massive undertaking, and the decision wasn’t made lightly. I know it’s a big change, but overall it’s been a huge boost for the community, and we’re happy that people are contributing their ideas as to how we can keep improving.


Discourse is also more aesthetically pleasing to me… just putting that out there


Thank you. I’m glad that you like our style (or should I say our style sheet?) :wink:

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I’ve just come here for the first time today, it all looks perfectly normal to me, don’t know what you’re all on about. :wink:

It is a unique look (to me) compared to other forums I’m familiar with. My first thought is there’s not much here, then I keep finding stuff, just takes a bit of getting used to.


Glad you like it.

We moved to this platform (Discourse) from vBulletin at the start of September, and it is quite different. For those of us used to the “old” forums, it takes a bit of getting used to. But I think we’re mostly settling in quite well now.