Does duplicate content cause lower ranking of all pages or just pages involved?


I know from Google’s Guidelines that duplicate content results in lower ranking.

But is this just lower ranking of pages involved or lower ranking for the site overall?

Please explain the effects of duplicate content. In particular I am talking about 100’s of similar pages where only a few words are different.


Got a link to that?

If you have duplicate content on a few or many pages, it will not lead lower overall site rankings as duplicate content site wide penalty is a myth. The rankings of other pages on your website that have original content will not drop.

When you have 100’s of duplicate pages on a domain, chances are that only 1 or a few pages on your site will get indexed and show up in search, as Google prefers not to show duplicate pages in search results as they are not useful for the searcher.

If these pages are duplicates of a page on another domain, the rankings of the original page will not drop and none of your pages should show up in search results.

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No, all of your website will not go down but it will create a negative impact on your website. And the pages which have duplicate content will not get indexed in google because they might be already indexed in another website.
Why do you take risk of publishing duplicate content? If you really want some success then there’s no exception of publishing qualitative unique content.

Hope that make sense:slight_smile:

Non-Original Content on Your Site Will Hurt Your Rankings across Your Domain.

That seems to contradict what others are saying.
Can you explain how this is so? Preferably with some authoritative source.

I read so many article regard duplicate content, Even me uniqueness is my main point. But, how if my case is like This. I am running a website which constitute of directory and job board. Well on my directory is thoroughly human edited, i always check all listing submitted on my site. But on my job board page, cant even control it. since all my user sometime repost their job advertisement.

My question is this. Does my site will get penalized for duplicate content. Do they affect every page, I have on my website.


Have you received a penalty notice from Google? If not, then your site has not been penalised.

Being penalised and not performing well in search results are two different things. If your site has multiple pages with the same or very similar content, then it is likely that search engines will show just one of those pages in results, rather than returning multiple identical results.

Search engines will also recognise that some types of sites - for example, directory sites - will have broadly similar content to each other. Provided your site has been created as an original and not copied from elsewhere, there should be no problem. Getting it to rank well in a high-competition niche may be another matter.

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How it often works, where your site may have the same content duplicated on different pages, is not a penalty as such, but it is likely that only one of those pages will appear in SERPs.
So if there was the same job post on 5 pages, only one of those pages would appear in search results for the relevant keywords. This is not penalising your site, but merely filtering the user’s results to omit duplicated results.

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Oh very very appreciated sir technoBear and @SamA74 . Now I get some enlighten on my mind…

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