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Hi! I think I can build a science magazine website. But the problem is I don’t know I can use it to earn some money from Adsense. Would this kind of site get enough visitors to earn at leas 1000 dollars from Adsense/month??

I think I can write at least 1000 good articles :stuck_out_tongue: and I am very good of that… but the Adsense low keyword value and general public behalf for these kind of sites is what concern me the most…!

If you can really write 1000 quality articles on science based subjects, you could put the effort into writing and selling them. There are sites out there that will allow you to register and sell your articles through them if they are of sufficient quality - Constant Content has been mentioned in this forum several times before and is one of the leading sites in this field.
Alternatively, why not just have a hobby site that you can add to as you go along? There’s nothing wrong with that. You could monetise it to a certain extent, although the traffic figures needed to achieve $1k per month from Adsense would be astronomical. At the end of your effort you’d have a site that you could maintain as a hobby that could/should wash its own face financially and will grown in value as your domain ages and you grow traffic.

I saw Google Adwords values are high on this subject: 14 dollars with a maximum value of 40 dollars

Applying the same kind of thinking that caused the mortgage debacle in the first place. For a site on mortgages. You just have to admire that.

Write about something you actually know a lot about, I know you said about a science website but the fact you then considered something totally different sounds to me like your picking random subjects out of the air with the thought that you can write good quality content from it. Unless you actually know a lot about science and have some credibility in the field to back it up, people are just going to ignore most of what you say as junk. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then don’t bother trying to cash in on the region. As for writing for other people, surely it’s not too hard to Google for blogs or magazines on a subject you want to write about (like “science journal” or “mortgage blog”) and then sending them an email to request to write for them (if a position is available). :slight_smile:

This kind of thinking is not going to get you far. Sure, that topic is hot today, but what about next month? Or next year? All the time you put into building a site for something that is hot right now will be lost once it falls out of flavor.

If making money is your goal, your time will be much better spend building a site that offers something valuable to your users, no matter what the economy does, who is president, what songs are popular, etc.

Yes… but where to find those???

Couldn’t you check with related blogs and sell your content to them. Some blogs are more than willing to shed off a few bucks for some content that is original.

^ perhaps you’d be better off writing good quality articles and selling them, or writing for a scientific journal that offers payment?

you’ve got to define your topic much better than just “science magazine website”. There’s already a good bunch of these out there and they have professional content writers working for them - so what makes your site better or at least different from them? A competitor analysis and an analysis of your own strengths & weaknesses, resources and competencies is also a good start -you say you can write 1000 good articles? how much time do you need for this, realistically?

Also, you need to define your target audience, how big are they, and what would they expect from such a site, etc.

Finally, it’s quite unrealistic to get $1000 from such a site. If you do a good job, you should seek other monetisation options and not rely on Adsense.

Realistically I do not know what kind of site to make anymore… :slight_smile: I was thinking to create a mortgage related site because I saw Google Adwords values are high on this subject: 14 dollars with a maximum value of 40 dollars, but I don’t think I will have enough traffic for this kind of site. Also it is pretty hard to create it due to the complexity of the subject and the scarce of information.

So now I rather build a hobby website with things that pleased and interested me always: scientific information about general physics, animals, nature, general knowledge, geography and such… And yes in 1 year I can create more than 1000 articles based on these subjects…

But the problem is I can’t get any money back from this time investment. A lot of time spent writing, and no dollars… :frowning: