Article writing


do you use freelancers in order to write articles to your site?
i consider using freelancers from the site - Fiverr.
what do you think? do you have experience from this site and can recommend?

I have used them but they write rubbish. They actually use best article bot and do manual spinning. The spin ratio is something around 30 to 40 percent. Just think some professional writers take from $15 to even $650 per article and they take just $5. Don’t ever use them

Man, if they were using spinners, they could have made the content into something that’s readable by humans. When you talk about content, I wouldn’t want to spin it at all. I’ll just write what I have to write and share it. Another thing would be making it easily shareable. Anyway, about your problem, I think it’s best that you could ask someone from your network first before you decide to outsource writers. Either that, or you have to learn how to write things for yourself.

If you want Genuine or unique article is quality, now a days some people spinning the article this not recognize by Google, and its be spamming to your article, so be careful. So go for quality article.

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