I have written a set of 10 articles, ranging in length from approximately 800 to 1500 words, and I would be very grateful for your advice on how to monetise them.

I have considered various choices for selling articles and have whittled down the options to the following; which I believe to posses the best potential:

  1. Sell on Constant-Content.
  2. Sell on Daily Article.
  3. Sell them as a PLR pack on forums such as digital point and im4newbies.
  4. Sell with unique rights to website and blog owners in the particular niche.

I would value your comments, and advice, on the merits and disadvantages of each of these methods.

The two main criteria I have for any method of selling the articles is that it should be both reasonably quick and preferably no cost.

Thank you for reading.

Why have you written articles with nowhere to publish? Don’t you need an audience before you can write to that audience? If you have great writing skills, what about finding publishers (online or off) that are looking for content and finding out what they need and will pay for before you write? SitePoint, for example, publishes the list of topics it’s looking for writers about and will pay you up front and bonuses depending on how many readers the article attracts.

Anyone can write articles. It’s going to have to be something that people want to read obviously.

if i had ten 800 word articles i would use the original ones either on my own site or on squidoo or something and put adsense on there. Then i would split the 800 word articles into two and split the 1500 word articles into 3 and then submit them all over the place linking back to my original ones…
or if they are in demand you could sell em.

Thank you for the advice everyone.

For me. I rather prepare 500-600 words article. Because reader have not enough time to read long articles. So, better to write an article into shortest one but be sure it was full minerals and substances. Short but complete.

Same - though sometimes even 600 words is pushing it. I know for a fact I’ll have clicked away from the page if I’m presented with a 1500 word article that is VERY GOOD at keeping my attention. And if it’s Internet related I doubt it.

My advice - cut them down into more digestible chunks, post them to EZA if you’ve got a product you’re trying to promote, or give them away for free and build a list.

I would suggest using them all, PFor41.

See for your own eyes which ones work, and which ones don’t.

You could have some saying such and such site is worthless, but it may very well work for you.

I would also suggest submitting them to info portals. Askmen, menshealth, iVillage, About, as such examples.

And although you didn’t ask for an opinion on this, I have to say that, no, in most cases (it all depends on the subject you are writing on), there is nothing wrong with having a longer than usual article.

What readers are tired of are short, no-substance articles.

THAT’S why so many click off of them.

A short, 500-word article takes a whopping…3 minutes to read.

In many cases, to me, when I see a very short article, I see a lazy “writer.”

Give them more!

You can submit it to Associated Contents for upfront payment. If you are really sure about the quality of your articles and you want to sell it, you can go with constant-content.

Constant-Content is the best, provided your articles meet their standard. Otherwise sell in Dailyarticle. However, you have to give up the rights to the articles.
if you want to keep your rights, you can post in Hubpages, monetize through Google Adsense, Amazon or Ebay. You can also get hoplinks from Clickbank. Hubpages allow a limited number of links.