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I have tested several times WP installations. I do not understand how is it possible that in the morning testing website shows 1 s loading but a few hours later it will jump up to 4 seconds. Should be trusted website speed testing and load time. It is tested in the same time-zone. I do not think if this is an issue with server side as 3 seconds should not be shown.


Just put and I have tested many times and I do not have any clue how is it possible. If I think per CPU and a server-side RAM it can be moved speed up or down due to visitors, but I do not have any clue how is possible to show 4 seconds and later 1 second. Maybe it is the best to test a server-side monitoring and test website speed. It is an issue as website speed and mistake can be costly.

Well, it can certainly be that at any given moment, a shared host and internet connection can vary in speeds.

Your internet connection does not operate at a constant rate. Neither do speed testing sites. While 3 seconds difference is ‘significant’, it would be more beneficial to look at an average speed, rather than an individual test’s result, to evaluate performance, especially for any site that has optimized its load to reduce times.

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I have never seen average speed. Is this included inside paid packages or I have to manually gather speed testing and calculate on my own?

Did you check server load? If the load goes up, then response time is increasing, causing your issue.

Try any of these to check website speed and load time

  • GTMetrix
  • SUCURI Load Time Tester
  • Website Audit
  • Dotcom-Monitor
  • Speed Test by Uptrends

Thank you for all messages. I will need to test this carefully.

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