Website speed or design appearance which is important for SEO

We have a website which we developed with minimum images and scripts, so it is loading in below 1.5 second and its page size is 290.0 KB only, but it will not getting better result in google even it has a good amount of backlinks too. that’s why we have a doubt about its layout ?

Neither speed nor design beat content.

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have content, even local result ( google my business ) is not listing, it have above 130 reviews and registered in local directories too, still no result

Maybe it’s just that you’re in a very very competitive niche. Despite what SEO experts might tell you, you can’t all be number 1 in Google.


It is the quality of unique content and not quantity.

Also ensure there is no blatant content copied from other sites. Google quickly finds copied content and penalizes sites for plagiarism.

website speed affect user experience, if the speed is bad user will not stay on your site and then the bounce rate will be low and if the bounce rate is low then you lose your position.
Design is also affect user experience and same method above will apply

Bounce rate alone is not an indicator of a negative experience. It simply means that a visitor has arrived on a page of your site and left again without visiting any other pages. It might indicate that they found exactly what they wanted on that page and left satisfied, whereas someone who visited many pages may have been trying without success to find the information they required, and eventually left frustrated.

sign up to google search console and it will tell you what you need to improve on

As others have said it content is king but there are numerous other ranking factors that come into play. Do everything by the book and you are likely to see an increase.

check google page speed insights as well as that gives a lot of info. I also use occasionally

290KB seems like a good size, so there shouldn’t be any problems with that in my opinion. My websites homepage is about 40-50KB, but it also extremely simple and almost without images.

What I recommend is to try going through your website and apply sustainable web designing methods to ensure that your website is optimised in any way possible. This could for example be by converting your fonts to WOFF2.

If you want, I have made a sustainable web designing checklist to help designers and developers to make their website more lightweight. If you open one of my articles you will find a banner linking to it at the bottom of each article (Anyway, just in case you are interested).

Once you have gone through your website and ensured you have done everything you possibly can with the design and development, then you run it through Lighthouse and afterwards check if the website is WCAG compliant.

Making your website sustainable and fixing all of these things can help you, but like it is also pointed out in some of the posts: Nothing beats quality content. Therefore if it doesn’t improve your website to make it sustainable, then you can look at the content as the next step.

I hope my answer will help you on your way, and I hope that your placement will improve!

Website design appearance can erase or damage your SEO. Search Engine Optimizations can influence your web design. Website speed affects your user’s experience. Website speed or design appearance both are important for SEO.

The OP hasn’t returned to the topic since posting so it seems pointless to offer any further advice. Thanks to all who contributed.

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