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Good afternoon everyone,

I joined today, so apologises in advance for anything I do wrong.

I am an aspiring photographer trying to create my own site through Dreamwever CS5.5.

My DW knowledge is limited compared to you guys and girls, so I watch ALOT of tutorials.

My question is, what is the easiest image gallery I can embed into my pages with say thumbnails and a bigger image above / to the right or just a click and next / prev.

I would love a CSS stylesheet to run along side it as well.


I would check out hotscripts and see if there is something you like. Most galleries could be integrated into your site.

I think a better way would be to use a dedicated photo CMS. There is a new one out that I tried which would probably suite your needs Koken.

Hi cocnee. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Koken looks interesting. But if you are doing the HTML and uploading yourself, there are lots of free JavaScript galleries that are easy to set up and use. Depends on what behavior you want, though. If you google something like “jquery gallery” you’ll find hundreds of options.


I was just looking for something this was easy to embed into Dreamweaver and that had a CSS page for me to change image size and gallery position on the page.

I also need to work on all platforms and mobiles, ipads and is also easy for me to add additional images.

I have all the pages built, just the galleries to embed into the pages.

Ideally, thumbnails to the left, click and a bigger image appears on the right.

I understand I suppose more than the basics, but just the gallery embedding (what to pick) has me scratching my head…


Yep. there are plenty that do that. You just place the required scripts in a folder somewhere, and then link to them on your page. From then on, you just add in pics as needed, usually in an unordered list.

I was about to go hunting online for a gallery like you described, but you might as well do it yourself and look at the options. Search for something like “jquery thumbnail gallery” and you’ll find that there are tons of options.

You could use the Jamie Ruth lol. It sounds as if it fits the bill.

Those are just hover galleries, though, from what I remember. The OP is probably looking for something more robust. Rather than going the JQuery route, there are some nice, simple scripts like this one, which can be styled to suit:

Maybe. It all sounded pretty dumbed down to me. In which case I have a fun JS one here with css fall back.

Some of those links need fixing. Anyhow, that doesn’t quite look like what the OP is asking for. That’s why gallery questions need to be pretty specific about what functionailty is needed, as there are so many options out there.

What needs fixing? Until OP gives some feed back no one really knows what he wants.

Firstly let me apologise for any delay.

I love ALL your suggestions and have alot of fun setting the gallery up.

Thanks to you all.