Photo Gallery help

I had to pick up someones work from Dreamweaver. The designer now wants a sample gallery page in the next two hours. She gave me a PDF of the design framework (attached)

The main photo to display left column with 9 thumbnails in right column. A forward and back button (arrow images), a rollover effect on thumbnails (javascript?) with the click through bringing the thumbnail clicked to the large frame on left. She has provided all the photos sized including the swapped image (different rule color around thumbnail).

Need advice on best approach to setting this up. I can program the html and inline css for the images, spacing, tables but am a bit over my head in how to set up the image swaps from the thumbnail to the main larger frame, and the forward and back buttons integrating. Are we talking java for all this, perhaps an i-frame, or is there a photo gallery script or code source ready to drop in.

Thanks for the advice. I am working now on setting up as much as I am able. May have to create 9 separate pages linked by hyperlinks to obtain the functionality she is looking for.


Also, need to attach caption text to each large photo displayed.

One of the most famous photo gallery scripts done with javascript is lightbox and lightbox 2 which are based on mootools.

But if you want to use jQuery, here is a nice list